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The following works are currently available for touring:
Dying While Black and Brown
Dying While Black and Brown is a work created by Joanna Haigood and Marcus Shelby. It was commissioned by Equal Justice Society in support of its campaign to restore 14th Amendment protections for victims of discrimination including those on death row.

"The piece Dying While Black & Brown impacted me in a very profound way, because it took me back to a place emotionally that allowed me to reconnect with the tragedy of the past 18 years of my life, and then it also reminded me of the triumph of winning back my freedom." --Anthony Graves, Texas Defender, Former Death Row Inmate

Running time: approximately 30 minutes

A Poet’s Love
A Poet’s Love is a contemporary aerial dance piece based on the Dichterliebe song cycle by classical German composer Robert Schumann. Performed with live vocal music, the dreamlike piece takes the form of sixteen discrete vignettes. Intensely dramatic, the Romantic era themes of apprehension and awe resonate with today’s audience as much as they did centuries ago.

Running time: approximately 30 minutes.

Between me and the other world
Between me and the other world is a dynamic exploration of scholar and civil rights leader W.E.B. DuBois’ seminal work The Souls of Black Folk. The performance installation has been created in collaboration with composer Anthony Brown, media artist David Szlasa and scenic designer Sean Riley, who together have created an immersive environment that evokes the identity duality or “double consciousness” described by DuBois.

Running time: 2-4 hours installation view with 30 minutes live performance cycles