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Where Dreams Lie
Zaccho Studio, San Francisco, CA

Where Dreams Lie is an evening length work inspired by the history of Zaccho Dance Theatre's Yosemite Street building as the Simon Mattress Manufacturing Company aka Serta Mattress Company as well as neighborhood history. Presented as impressions within a dream context and not as historical documentation, the performance took place in what was the pillow room.

The Serta Mattress Co. plant was built in 1930 by Sigmund Simon under the name of the Simon Mattress Manufacturing Company. The plant manufactured prize winning, quality mattresses, sleeping bags, quilted comforters, and pillows. It also served as an air raid shelter during WWII. In 1984, the company moved the plant to Vacaville, CA.

The performance also featured the opening solo Dance in a Bed on a Wall, based on the Air Mail Dance by Remy Charlip, interpreted and performed by Joanna Haigood.

Choreography and Direction: Joanna Haigood
Composer: Lauren Weinger
Rigging Design: Benjamin Young
Lighting Design: LIzzy Spicuzza

Jules Beckman, Joanna Haigood, John W. Love, Jr., Jo Kreiter, Sheila Lopez, Shakiri

Premiere Date

Premiere Location
Zaccho Studio, San Francisco, CA

Funders / Commissioners
Where Dreams Lie was made possible with generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts, Zellerbach Family Foundation, LEF Foundation, San Francisco Arts Commission, and Anncox Foundation as well as in kind support from Serta Mattress, a division of the Simon Mattress Co.

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