In Steel's Shadow
Theatre Artaud, SF
In a January 1994 residency at Theatre Artaud, Zaccho premiered a collaborative, site specific work choreographed by Joanna Haigood, with an original score composed by Lauren Weinger, and set design by Benjamin Young. Using a ten ton bridge crane, suspended rigging, and an industrial soundscape recreating the atmosphere of a 1920s canning factory, In Steel's Shadow explores the archival and architectural history of the American Can Company - an industrial machine shop now occupied by Theatre Artaud. Primary source material for the piece was gathered in interviews with Mr. Walter Lister, a former machinist foreman and plant superintendent who worked at the American Can Company from 1925-68 (its entire lifespan). In Steel's Shadow premiered as a part of the Annual Artist Residence Project produced by Theatre Artaud.
Created in 1994