Departure and Arrival was choreographed by Joanna Haigood with video by Ricardo Rivera, set design by Wayne Campbell, music by Walter Kitundu and lighting design by Jack Carpenter.

The performance was located below the five light wells above the ticketing area in the International Terminal. Reminiscent of boat hulls, one of these light wells provided a stunning setting and context for the mosaic of moving images. The performance was presented for four days and performed in two-hour segments, which repeated in 30-minute cycles. Audiences were able to move and experience the piece from different vantage points. The images were projected in the light well and on the glass above the ticketing counters, with theatrical lighting mounted below to articulate and transform the architecture. The light wells took on the character of dynamic sculptures and gave the illusion of a ship moving through space. The images included an abstract rendering of historical material as well as a live feed of the performers.

Rachel Howard of the SF Chronicle said, “The fascinating thing about Haigood's work is how it melds place and time, and Departure and Arrival is a journey through both.”
Created in 2007 at the San Francisco International Airport