Departure and Arrival was a visual and poetic essay that chronicled the lives of Africans and African Americans in America. Beginning with the arrival of slave ships and spanning to present day immigration, the project honored the historical roots of African Americans while creating a tangible bridge between today’s native and foreign-born citizens. Departure and Arrival took place in the five light wells above the ticketing area in the San Francisco International Terminal. Reminiscent of boat hulls these light wells provide a stunning setting and context for the mosaic of moving images. The performance was done in 30 minute cycles, repeating over 4 hours. Audiences were able to move around and experience the piece from different vantage points.

Rachel Howard of the SF Chronicle said, “The fascinating thing about Haigood's work is how it melds place and time, and Departure and Arrival is a journey through both.”
Created in 2007 at the San Francisco International Airport

Choreography and Direction: Joanna Haigood
Scenic and Rigging design: Wayne Campbell
Video: Ricardo Rivera
Music: Walter Kitundu
Lighting design: Jack Carpenter
Rigging Team: Spencer Evans, Sean Riley, Phil Ho, Bob Powers, Leticia Alcala
Performing Artists Ramon Ramos Alayo, Robert Henry Johnson, Maurya Kerr, Shakiri, Shereel Washington, Dwayne Worthington

Commissioned by the San Francisco International Arts Festival