JAN 17 - JUN 06, 2018
Precision Acrobatics Workshops
Precision Acrobatics - who are we? We are Liz Williams and Ariel Mihic, a couple of adventure loving acrobats who met in San Francisco at an Acro Yoga class taught by the lovely Jeremy Simon.

We began training in a dedicated Acro partnership shortly after meeting in October of 2009. Over the years we have sought out instruction from many incredible coaches to help us navigate the world of acrobatics. As two similarly sized women who found this practice in their mid-thirties, the harder tricks never come easy for us. However, we are deeply committed to putting in the time required to find our way into some pretty impressive poses. That being said, as we mature in our training and teaching paths, we are finding that the process of inquiry, and the slow pace of diligence, are far more rewarding than any pose will ever be.

Our training philosophy is fairly simple - establish a routine, with a fair amount of repetition. Put in the time training - start with the basics and progress only when you are ready to do so. Communicate with kindness, and take the time to explore what your partner needs from you, rather than commanding what you need from your partner. Stay curious and study the mechanics of the pose - allow the process to be cerebral at times without negating the body's innate ability to sense where it needs to be. Practice honest self assessment, set realistic expectations, and celebrate the small wins. How you do anything, is how you do everything.

Our mission - we have restructured the way that we teach so that it is more in-line with how we train. We will be teaching 3-week series every other month on Tuesday nights in SF at Bay Acro. Our first series starts on January 10th and is focused on standing acrobatics. During the even months we will be offering specialized classes including Master's Handstand Workshops, Shoulder Rehab for Acrobats, and Semi-Private Coaching. We will also be writing a monthly blog to share training tips, lessons learned, and other juicy nuggets of Acro related jargon.

Our credentials - Ariel has a Doctorate in Pharmacy and certifications in the following yoga disciplines: Ashtanga, AcroYoga, YogaSlackers, Thai Massage/Pranassage. Liz has been practicing as a licensed physical therapist since 2005, and is certified in the following disciplines: massage therapy, yoga therapy, and YogaSlackers. Liz and Ariel have been teaching together in SF since 2011.

We hope you enjoy our evolution with us, and we look forward to seeing you soon!
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