AUG 11 - 12, 2018
Aerial PLE
PLE (Physical Limitation Elimination) is designed for those who wish to refine their body awareness and increase functional range of motion as quickly as possible. Aerial PLE includes an extra focus on the upper body and safe and effective approaches to training skills unique to aerial applications. In this challenging and playful workshop you will explore methods to not only increase your range of motion but also strengthen the structures that provide control and stability while in your maximum ranges. The workshop emphasizes injury-free techniques that deliver the most effective results is appropriate for all skill levels.

Instructor Biography:
Jim Donak’s fascination with the how the human body is built, and functions began at an early age. He has been studying anatomy and biomechanics for over 45 years. His studies have included Circus Arts, Tai Chi, Alexander Technique, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a variety of manual healing arts. He has been teaching functional movement and circus arts since 1980. And for the past 25 years has been an instructor at Circus Center San Francisco where he teaches trampoline, acrobatics and his popular Physical Limitation Elimination class. In addition, Jim maintains a private practice in Berkeley focusing on physical skill development, neuromusculoskeletal healing through the integration of Asian manual therapies, orthopedic and osteopathic bodywork and rehabilitation exercises. He specializes in bringing effective and sustainable approaches to athletic training and teaching related workshops and continuing education seminars to instructors of all movement disciplines and manual therapists. Find can find him at
Festival Pavillion Fort Mason

Saturday, 8/11/18
& Sunday, 8/12/18,

10AM and 12PM