Al Pozzo Di Sogno
Oliver Ranch Foundation, Geyserville, CA

In October 2011, Joanna Haigood and Zaccho Dance Theatre premiered the site-specific work Al Pozzo Di Sogno (Into the Well of Dreams). Commissioned by the Oliver Ranch Foundation as a benefit for Zaccho Dance Theatre and the 3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic, the work is a modern fairy tale inspired by Ann Hamilton’s extraordinary 80-foot Tower.

The performance depicts the meeting of two starred crossed lovers who must overcome physical obstacles in order to reunite. The choreography includes dance-theater, circus, and aerial dance and travels through parts of Oliver Ranch's renowned art installations, including Martin Puryear’s untitled installation, before arriving at the Tower.

Ann Hamilton is a visual artist internationally recognized for her large-scale multimedia installations, public projects, and performance collaborations. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Ann’s first building was an 80-foot concrete tower commissioned by the Oliver Ranch Foundation (2003-2007). The tower was conceived as “an object in the landscape and a vocal chord to be animated by a series of commissioned projects responding to the location, acoustic conditions and unique spatial relation between performer and audience. An interior double helical staircase ascends and descends from opposite sides of the tower to spatially suspend the audience and the performer in an alternative to a traditional face to face performance. The first live event was in spring of 2007 with Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble.” - Ann Hamilton

Choreography and Direction: Joanna Haigood
Scenic and Rigging Design: Wayne Campbell
Rigging Team: Wayne Campbell, David Frietag, Lawrence LaBianca, Sean Riley, Spencer Evans

Performing Artists
2011: Alex Allan, Calvin Kai Ku, Emily Leap, Amara Tabor-Smith, Patricia West
2013: Alex Allan, Emily Leap, Brandon Kazon Maddox, Danielle Sexton, Chelsea O’Riley, Clare Whistler

Premiere Date

Premiere Location
Oliver Ranch Foundation, Geyserville, CA

Subsequent Performance
2013: Oliver Ranch Foundation, Geyserville, CA

Funders / Commissioners
Commissioned by the Oliver Ranch Foundation

Photography: John Kent and Piro Patton

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