Love, a state of grace
In 2021 Zaccho will premiere the new site-specific aerial performance Love, a state of grace at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral. At a time when hate crimes are on the rise and places of worship have seen an alarming increase in violent attacks, such as The Emanuel AME Church, the Tree of Life Synagogue, and the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, Love, a state of grace explores shared aspirations across faiths and cultures.

With community partner Grace Cathedral, we examine how these acts of violence are reconciled with themes of love, sacred space, and community that are central to many faiths. Moreover, in response to the sudden and dramatic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our community, this project is a celebration of our common humanity as the world grapples with an uncertain future. To promote healing and strength, society must surely rely upon kindness, generosity, and the great unifier that is love.

Community Engagement
Love, a state of grace examines interfaith dialogue, healing, and understanding among diverse multicultural and multigenerational communities. We will engage these communities and welcome their active participation through research and interviews, community events, and panel discussions, allowing the audience to explore their own perceptions of “otherness” and examine how we might move towards healing and greater acceptance.

Love, a state of grace is a three day performance installation, presented in one hour cycles repeated over 3 hours, during which the audience can move freely within the Cathedral. Divided into five scenes, or five elements, it will be performed by five dancers and a group of faith scholars who perform an interfaith ritual. The choreography will incorporate original props such as an anchored 90-foot ladder and 70-foot swinging pendulum.

Director & Choreographer: Joanna Haigood
Composer: Walter Kitundu
Scenic Designers: Wayne Campbell, Sean Riley
Visual Artist & Religious Scholar: Yohana Junker
Research Assistant: Ciarra D'Onofrio
Performing Artists: Veronica Blair, Suzanne Gallo, Danielle Sexton, Ciarra D’Onofrio, Clarissa Dyas, Azraa Muhammed, Helen Wicks