NOV 10 - 12, 2017
Mbongui Square Festival
Mbongui Square Festival is an annual festival that celebrates the performing and visual arts. Organized by Kiandanda Dance Theater, the festival gathers dance, music, visual arts and spoken word artists of varied styles and artistic choices, from the Bay Area and across the world. What defines Mbongui Square Festival is interdisciplinary arts and multicultural community. Launched in 2012, Mbongui Square Festival came from the aspiration to strengthen the concept of community through the arts in the San Francisco Bay Area. The artists from diverse art forms and backgrounds present their creative and artistic work on a shared and unique platform.

Mbongui a word originated from the Congo refers to togetherness. It refers to a place where family, neighbors, passers-by and foreigners from different ethnicities come together to share meals, stories, and knowledge, and receive assistance from the community.

Now is the time to return to the Mbongui, the time to take action and to show and speak about how the arts can lead to a deeper human connection. Mbongui Square celebrates the Arts.

Mbongui Square is the wealth of our differences. In Mbongui Square, we break with the formal performance setting and artists perform a piece of their professional repertory, a piece they think is worth sharing with the world. Mbongui Square is a place where artists meet and give themselves the opportunity to collaborate in daring and risk-taking projects of various forms. It is a transformative place; an inspiring place in which each person's story may represent a new direction, a new way to take one's artwork, another way to keep breaking with boundaries. The artists have five to ten minutes of performance time.

We invite our diverse Bay Area communities to witness the artists’ journey to divulge their experiences, to offer feedback and to help create a sense of interconnectedness amongst all.

Fri, Nov 10-12 at 7pm

Zaccho Studio