MAY 16 - JUN 20, 2017
Embrace - Aerial Yoga Series
Dear Yogis,
It's Spring and it's time
to take the challenge.

Join me for a series of 6 classes where we will deepen the moves we have been working on and put together a little choreography.
Our main goal will be to find fluidity as we transition from one movement to another, to use the breath to move as a group, and to develop an ensemble awareness in the hammocks. We will also continue to stretch, play upside down, relax and develop the connection to ourself.

You don't need to be a dancer or an advanced yogi to come to this series but you need to have practiced a few times in the Tuesday evening class with me at Zaccho.

Drop-ins are welcome but not ideal.

With Marie Walburg:

Marie was first introduced to Yoga 11 years ago during her national acting school in France. She was amazed to see how the practice was able to help dancers and actors develop awareness, strength, flexibility and focus on the stage.
When she arrived in San Francisco 6 years ago she re-initiated her practice and discovered the rich varieties of yoga and array of styles in the Bay. She started practicing more intensively with Stephanie Snyder, Janet Stone and Rusty Wells. When she returned from a 4 month trip around the world, she felt driven to deepen her technique and completed a 200 hour certification with Pete Guinosso at Yoga Tree, and discovered the technique of Anna Forrest.
Marie is a professional dancer, actress, and performer and has been called by aerial work. Marie has worked with the harness technique of Olivier Farge in France, one of the pioneers of Aerial Dance in Europe. When she arrived in San Francisco she was so happy to connect with the work of Joanna Haigood and discover Zaccho Studio where she’s now teaching Aerial Yoga every week. Marie is in the process of getting certified with Yoga Alliance as an Aerial Yoga Teacher completing her training in L.A. at the end of March with Lei Lei de Kerby.
Tuesdays: 6:30 pm to 8:00pm

You can buy a drop-in at $20
3 Class/Card at $55
5 Class/Card at $90
10 Class/Card at $180