Hip Hop Artist Residency & Training
In collaboration with PUSH Dance Company, the Hip Hop Artist Residency & Training (HART) is a 6-month residency program that will provide training and performance opportunities to 8 Black transitional youth (ages 18-26) with aspirations to build a career in Hip Hop and the performing arts.

Application deadline will be announced soon. Sign up for the Zaccho email list for future announcements.

All Bay Area Black transitional youth (ages 18-26) will be eligible to apply and then chosen by a panel of experienced Black performing arts professionals. Each HART Resident will lead the group in their particular area of interest or expertise, focusing on the three tenets of Hip Hop: dance, music, and visual art. The program will also address how racial equity and social justice issues impact the Hip Hop and performing arts community.

During the 6-month residency, each HART Resident Artist will receive:

- a $2,000 stipend
- 100 hours of Studio time to work collectively as a group
- mentorship support within your selected discipline (Choreography, Sound Engineering & Mixing, or Multimedia Technical Design)
- social media and marketing support

The HART Program will culminate in the creation of a collaborative performance led by the HART Resident Artists at the Bayview Opera House.