Next Up: Community Photo
Be part of the picture (literally)! Join us on Sat. Aug. 18 at 1:00 PM to be in the Picture Bayview Hunter Point Community Photo at NOW Hunter Point (155 Jennings St.)
Picture Bayview Hunters Point
Picture Bayview Hunters Point is an interdisciplinary site‐specific performance that focuses on the dreams and aspirations of local community members. Created by Joanna Haigood of Bayview based Zaccho Dance Theatre, the piece will take place at the historic Bayview Opera House and incorporates performances by members of Zaccho Dance Theatre, music by composer Walter Kitundu, video projections from artist Mary Ellen Strom and oral histories recorded by BAYCAT and other community collaborators. The artists will document community events, conduct interviews, explore the hidden treasures of our community and will incorporate these elements into the final performance project, October 11-21 2018 (Thursday thru Sunday). We invite your participation in all the Picture Bayview Hunters Point events as we embark on this exciting community project. #PictureBVHP @PictureBVHP

We need your dreams!

Our call-in Dreamline is now open.
Call toll free (628) 333-5063 to leave a message about your dream for the Bayview Hunters Point community.
Family Migration Stories
Thurs., March 29
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Old Skool Cafe (1429 Mendell St.)

For this event, we will be partnering with Old Skool Café, a youth run restaurant in Bayview, and Davia Nelson of the Kitchen Sisters, Peabody Award winning independent producers. Together we will create an evening where community member can share their family stories and delicious food from coveted family recipes.
Party in the Point
Sat. June 9
7:00 - 11:00 PM
Bayview Opera House (4705 3rd St.)

DRESS TO IMPRESS and mingle with the "grown and sexy." This event is a dance party where community members can re-live or re-invent their homecoming experience featuring R&B legend, CASE and the World Famous Rick and Russ Show. This is your chance to shine and celebrate our connection through live music and dance.
Community Photo
Time and location: TBA

Be part of a photo of the entire BVHP community! Community members will enjoy an afternoon together, exchanging photos, music, and great local food! Free event.
Picture Bayview Hunters Point
Thurs. - Sat., Oct. 11-13, Oct. 18-20
Bayview Opera House (4705 3rd St.)
8:00 PM Free

Experience a multidisciplinary, site-specific performance featuring live aerial dance by Zaccho Dance Theatre, an original sound score and large-scale video focused on aspirations and dreams of Bayview Hunters Point residents. Witness the Bayview Opera House transform both on its exterior and inside its main hall through this dynamic visual storytelling. Featuring oral histories from local residents, Picture Bayview Hunters Point is a tribute to the strength, vision and resilience of our community as it undergoes great change. Free event.
Funding for Picture Bayview-Hunters Point is provided by the generous support of the Kenneth Rainin Foundation's Open Spaces program.