Picture Red Hook
Red Hook in Brooklyn
Picture Red Hook is an interdisciplinary site specific work that focuses on the dreams and aspirations of the residents of Red Hook in Brooklyn, New York as they enter into a period of economic and demographics transformation. Red Hook is a diverse, urban neighborhood that, while perceived as troubled, is home to many residents and organizations working to realize their vision of a positive future. Spectacular aerial choreography allows the seven member dance company to interact with the architecture of a twelve-story grain terminal and 100 foot digital video projections. Twelve channel industrial soundscapes surround the audience while custom aerial rigging transports the dancers across immense multiple planes, altering perceptions of time and space.

Choreography and direction by Joanna Haigood in collaboration with Video Artist Mary Ellen Strom, Composer Lauren Weinger, Set and Rigging Designer Wayne Campbell, and Lighting Designer Jack Carpenter.

Commissioned by Dancing in the Streets
Created in 2002