Open Systems
The Exploratorium, SF
As part of the Exploratorium's Arts and Sciences special exhibition designed to illustrate the significance of Columbus' first voyage across the Atlantic, Zaccho created Open Systems, a performance based on the physical and conceptual aspects of navigation. At the beginning of each show, seven performers received individual, detailed maps based on a series of explorations made previously by Joanna Haigood. Some of the routes were marked step by step while other routes had options the performers could choose from. The maps physically traced the ceiling's grid structure and incorporated, aerial rigging which allowed vertical, horizontal, lateral, and diagonal movement for the performers. In addition, each performer was given a series of tasks which highlighted special points of interest within the building. The viewers were given a variety of vantage points from which to orient themselves to the performance as it unfolded. This work was created in collaboration with composer Lauren Weinger and designer Benjamin Young.
Created in 1992