This work was developed for the opening ceremonies of the Kaatsbaan International Dance Centre. The folowing is an excerpt from a review by Deborah Jowitt in New York''s Village Voice:

For this gala, Joanna Haigood of San Francisco's Zaccho Dance Theatre created in five days the site-specific Arena. Haigood was responsible for one of last year's most enthralling works, Invisible Wings (a voyage for the audience through Jacob's Pillow's history as a stop on the Underground Railroad). On a leaner scale, she gives Kaatsbaan a lovely send-off, Linking the riding ring's past to its future. Two women put their horses through careful designs. Jennifer DePalo and Robert Wood swing on suspended window frames. Anne Marie de Angelo trots and swerves about, a mock-innocent who's inquisitive about horses and slips through the archway formed by the legs of a laconic cowboy on stilts (Wood). Andre Gingras wire-walks to the rafters to meet DePalo and pass along a horseshoe dug up by Haigood. In the end, Van Hamel, who has dismounted from a suspended branch to do some fluid, joyous dancing, puts the horseshoe back where it came from and plants a sapling on top of it. Instead of a tree, there'll be a sprung floor one day, but we all get the point. Strong may it grow!
Created in 2000 at the Kaatsbaan International Dance Centre