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Youth Classes
Zaccho’s Center for Dance and Aerial Arts offers after-school classes in acrobatics, tissu and aerial dance for youth ages 7-15 years old. Classes are held weekdays from 4:30 to 6:00pm at Zaccho Studio. Fall session runs Tuesday September 6 - Friday December 22, 2017.

There will be no class October 16-20 during Zaccho Dance Theatre's performances. There will also be no regular classes November 20-24, try a School's Out Aerial Dance Camp instead!


***Parents, please create a MindBody account for your student and link it to your own account. Then register your student (rather than yourself) for the youth classes***

We highly encourage registering for the Youth Program full session enrollment. Please contact us at for prorated pricing if the semester has already begun. Some classes are open for drop-in attendance.

Please visit our rates/ discounts page to learn more about our pricing options and financial aid.
Acrobatic Dance
MONDAYS | 4:30 to 6pm

LEVEL: Beginner and intermediate

Full price: $234 (13 Classes)
If you want to try this class: drop-in available at $22

In this mixed level Acrobatic Dance class, students will learn variations of rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and walkovers. These skills are then incorporated into dynamic modern dance phrases. Each class students are introduced to new ideas conceptually, physically, and creatively.

Objectives include developing strength and articulation of the body necessary to execute safe and expressive acrobatic movement. The classroom environment remains open for expression, exploration, and discussion while maintaining clear behavioral boundaries.

Through various exercises and games, we inspire students to develop an organized relationship with their body both upside down and upright.
TUESDAYS | 4:30 to 6pm

LEVEL: Beginner and Intermediate

Full price: $252 (14 for this Fall session)
No drop-in available

This class is a fusion of sling and fabric techniques for climbing, inverting, and then using these activities as a tool for self expression. Conditioning and technique training will be emphasized during the fall semester so students gain the strength and skills to stay off the ground for extended sequences of movement.
Advanced Aerial Dance
WEDNESDAYS | 4:30 to 6pm

LEVEL: Advanced- Pre-professional

Full price: $252 (14 classes)
No drop-in available

This class is designed for advanced students who already practice aerial dance with us. The students of this class are members of the Zaccho Youth Company directed by Joanna Haigood so you need the approval of the teacher to participate in this class. Aerial Dance encourages students to explore in-flight choreography through the use of apparatus such as trapeze, hoops and windows.
The Fall Session will emphasize the technique and the discovery of different apparatus. Take your Dance to the next level!
Intermediate Advanced Aerial Dance
THURSDAYS | 4:30 to 6pm

LEVEL: Intermediate/ Advanced

Full price: $234 (13 classes)
Drop- in available: $22

Aerial Dance encourages students to explore in-flight choreography through the use of apparatus such as trapeze, hoops and windows.
The Fall Session will emphasize the technique and the discovery of different apparatus. Take your Dance to the next level!
Beginner Intermediate Aerial Dance
FRIDAYS | 4:30 to 6pm

LEVEL: Beginner/Intermediate

Full price: $234 (13 classes)
If you want to try this class: drop-in available $22

In this class, students will combine various skills of Aerial Acrobatics with dance to discover and explore Aerial Dance. On low flying apparatus, students will explore movement techniques that help build their confidence in the air. This class incorporates strength, flexibility and a good ole' time hanging upside down!
Parent - Child Bungee Hijinks
SEPTEMBER 9, 12-1:30pm

TEACHER: Sonya Smith
LEVEL: Youth age 7-18 welcome with or without an adult!
PRICE: $45 for 1adult + 1child add $15 for additional each additional child

Bounce, flip, fly! Dancing in bungee and harness is always an entertaining way to spend the afternoon. Using both climbing harnesses and specialized bungee harnesses youth and adults can experience the underwater/on the moon weightlessness of bungee dancing. Space is limited so everyone has time to fly!
Youth Aerial Dance Theater Performance Workshop
SEPTEMBER 23 - OCTOBER 14, 12-1:30pm
Final performance at 2pm on October 14!

TEACHER: Marie Walburg
LEVEL: Youth age 12-15 welcome with or without an adult!
PRICE: $100

The colorful and whimsical imagery in Marc Chagall's paintings often touch children. This fall Marie Walburg will lead an exciting new aerial dance and theater performance workshop for children that integrates beautiful scenic elements designed for Zaccho’s upcoming Chagall-inspired work, The View From Here. In this workshop, children will study Chagall’s fantastic universe and explore some of his most iconic paintings through aerial dance, theater and ensemble movement.

Family and friends are invited to come and see our work on October 14 at 2:00pm!

Youth Afro Rhythm Movement
NOVEMBER 18, 12-1:30pm

TEACHER: Byb Chanel Bibene
LEVEL: All levels
PRICE: $20

Afro Rhythm Movement introduces Ethnic dance forms from central Africa through a contemporary lens. This class will explore movements inspired by the traditional dances and the way these dances are a springboard to the contemporary dance grounded in ethnic dance aesthetic from the Congo.

Byb’s teaching style is warm, friendly and filled with humor. Whenever you are new to African Ethnic or contemporary dance forms, or have years of dance experience, you are welcome and sure to find your place in this class.

Parent - Child Dancing in Slings
DECEMBER 2, 9, 12-1:30pm

TEACHER: Helen Fitanides (formerly Helen Dickson)
LEVEL: All aerial skill levels welcome for adults and youth. Adults must be accompanied by a child.
PRICE: $45/day for 1adult + 1child add $15 for additional each additional child

The fabric sling is a soft yet challenging introduction to aerial arts. Youth are encouraged to try something new and adults to remember how wonderful it is to be upside-down. Helen will build from basic skills (like getting into and out of the sling) through shapes and transitions to create a sense of supported dancing off the ground.
Our goals
Our Youth Program offers a solid foundation in aerial arts while respecting the pace of each individual student and supporting them with professional mentorship as they articulate and achieve their personal goals. We provide a space to nurture and develop creativity and imagination while finding fun ways to encourage camaraderie and collaboration.
Our Program
Our 9-month Youth Program is divided into two engaging fun-filled sessions each year:

Fall Session (September - December): Focuses on body conditioning, developing stronger technique and the exploration of the apparatus highlighted in each course.

Winter/Spring Session (January - May): Focuses on integrating technique into choreography through guided content creation with our teachers. At the end of this session, students have the opportunity to be on stage and present their work to family and friends at our annual CDAA Student Showcase.